Let’s create the brand that will
speak to YOUR customers 

Standing out in the market is no easy task.

(as I’m sure you already know).

The Brandmap Intensive is for service providers that understand why having a brand that connects with their customers is essential for success.

In just 5 days of intensive work we will develop a complete brand designed to work for you, your business, and your goals.

Sounds too good to be true?

This service is NOT for everyone. You will have to be ready to take some very important decisions very fast, and keep up with the program.

The only way to get results is to respect the process and collaborate to create a brand that represents your business and drives sales.

If you are not sure if this is the right service for you, let’s jump on a quick call and get to know each other.

But let’s get back to what you really care about: how does this work?

1. It all starts with a Brandmap Session

This interview is key to define what makes your business one-of-a-kind and how you connect with your customers. It also sets the basis to develop the brand guidelines and visual material.


2. We spend a week developing your brand

In this all-out, in-depth design week, we will develop your message and branding materials. Get ready to make decisions that will shape the way you run your business.

3. The result: a Brand that Sells

You receive the logo, collateral, responsive website, and marketing material. All ready to launch so you can focus on what’s truly important: grow your business.

After a very bad experience with a designer, I was in desperate need for a website that had coherent copy, branding, and visuals.

I was very hesitant to work with someone else because of my previous adventure, but working with Sol surpassed my expectations: my new website looks amazing, we niched down, and the copy is great.

The Brandmap Session was absolutely useful, and she helped me see my business from a different perspective.

Now I get lots of compliments on my website. And the best part is when people go there they know exactly what I do!

Krystyna Ciaglo

Audio Inspired

How much does it cost?

Brandmap Intensive – Silver

From business strategy to complete visual brand, this package includes your logo, responsive website (Home, About, Services, Contact), copywriting, social media templates, collateral material (such as business cards), and a business plan so you know exactly where you stand and how to get where you want to be.


Brandmap Intensive – Gold

Sometimes the basics are not enough. For clients that need more than what the Silver package entails: extra website sections, landing and sales pages, marketing materials, illustration, and specific requirements needed according to your business strategy.


I needed someone to professionally guide me on my visual vision for my business brand and also on my business plan vision. For a professional to give me sound advice and how to follow through with it. I was also looking for a logo and templates and along with an amazing, colorful, professional, fun and easy to manage website.
The results of the Brandmap Week were more than I could’ve hoped for!

I loved the business plan Sol set out for me, and the confidence it gave me.

I screamed with glee and joy when I saw the brand Sol made for me! How beautiful she designed everything, from the templates, logo etc. I also loved the business plan she set out for me. As someone who really struggles letting go of the reigns, her understanding was very appreciated and important to me.

It grounded me for what I’m wanting to do and needed to be. I have gained so much advice and insight and a beautiful brand. I have learned so much about my brand, things I never even ever considered and it has gained me so much confidence in my business and myself.

Heather Janssens

From Me To You Boutique